Innocent Meaning – A Person Not Guilty Of A Crime or Offense

(inə.sənt / ina.sent)Innocent Meaning(adj.)

Innocent Meaning in Hindi – (मासूम / बेकसूर / बेगुनाह / निर्दोष / भोला / निरपराध)

Meaning in English – (A person) Not guilty of a crime or offense / they (someone) did not commit a crime which they have been accused of.

Synonyms of Innocent:- Honest, Guiltless, Chaste, Crimeless

E.g-1. Every boy is not a pervert and every girl is not innocent.

2. He will never again harm another innocent man, woman or child.

3. Police beating students and then innocent people, like every day.

4. When I look at photos of her, I see the innocent faces of my three daughters.

5. She actually shot a truly innocent man who was absolutely doing nothing.

6. He says he is innocent of all charges.

7. Even the president is innocent until proven guilty.

8. An officer shot an innocent black man in his own home.

9. Too many innocent Americans are dying because of our gun problem.

10. An innocent man spent 82 days in jail for bringing honey into the United States.

11. There is nothing funny about murdering innocent people.

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