Infuse – To Fill Someone or Something With An Quality


(भर देना / पानी में भिगोना / मन में बैठाना)

To fill someone or something with an emotion or quality / soak (tea, herbs, etc.) in liquid to extract the flavor or healing properties

Syn- Fill, Pervade, Permeate, Suffuse, Instill, Ingrain

E.g-1. She has infused her followers with confidence.

2. You should infuse the tea for several minutes.

3. Leave the solution to infuse overnight.

4. Many of the girls seemed to be infused with excitement on seeing the snow.

5. The new coach infused the team with enthusiasm.

6. Oxygenated blood was infused into a carotid artery via roller pump.

7. The government is likely to infuse $28,615 Million into seven public sector banks 


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