Hidden Features of Facebook

facebook hidden features

If you are thinking of deleting Facebook due to privacy, then stop. Facebook can also make you happy due to some of its old features. Here are some hidden features of Facebook for you.

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Romantic History

  • If you have listed yourself ‘In a Relationship’ on Facebook, you can view the entire Facebook Best Romantic History on the same page with your listed partner.
  • For this, go to any web browser and login to Facebook. After that, write this address in address bar www.facebook.com/us
  • In the results, all photos, comments, videos and other content will appear with your partner.

History Between Friends

  • If you want to see the Facebook history between two friends on the same page, then follow this simple steps.
  • First of all, login to the Facebook and type this address in address bar https://www.facebook.com/friendship/[username1]/[username2]   
  • Here, Fill your username in place of username1 and your friend’s username in place of username2 .
  • After that, Facebook’s history of both of you will appear on the same page.   

How Does Your Facebook Profile Look Like

  • Have you ever thought of how your Facebook profile looks to the public or to a particular person?
  • For this, first of all Login to your Facebook account and open your profile page.
  • After that, you have to click on the three dots given on your header image. Here, you will get the option of ‘View as’. Click on that.

facebook view as

  • Now you will first see that profile which is visible to the public. And if you write a person’s name in the given bar, you will get a profile that will appear in front of him.

specific person

Hidden facebook features

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