Bifurcate Meaning – To Divide Into Two Separate Parts

(baɪ.fər.keɪt / bi·​fur·​cate)Bifurcate Meaning(vb.)

Bifurcate meaning in hindi:- (दो भागों में बँटना / दो शाखाओं में बांटना / द्विभाजन / द्विशाखित)

Meaning in English:- Divide into two branches or forks / forked or divided into two sections or branches. / the splitting of a main body into two parts / to divide into two separate parts.

Synonyms of Bifurcate:- bisect, branch, separate, split, furcate

E.g-1. Google’s Pixel line now is bifurcated into two price tiers.

2. Indian Government scraped Article 370 and bifurcates Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories.

3. When I was there, I was always aware of French Catholicism’s morally bifurcated history.

4. The design of large reinforced concrete bifurcated pipe under high water pressure is one of them.

5. Over the past 20 years, the marketplace for art books has bifurcated.

6. A sample of water was taken from the point where the river bifurcates.

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