GATE Previous 30 Year Papers For Electrical Engineering

gate exam previous year papers for electrical engineering

In this page, we are providing you GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam Electrical Engineering EE Previous year Question papers, which is conducted By IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) Every year to do Masters Course as well as for Engineering Jobs in Govt. Bodies. It is the best exam to examine the concepts of candidates in the field of General Aptitude, Mathematics & the Subject of candidate’s graduation. GATE is Just Similar to SAT / ACT / TOEFL etc… to check to over all personality of candidates. GATE exam pattern will include the number of questions, types of questions and marking scheme for all the 25 papers of GATE. 

IIT Conducts GATE exam of around 25 Subject Papers Like Engineering science, Life science, Biotechnology, Geology, Chemistry etc.., But here we will get to know only about Electrical Engineering Previous Papers. All Questions are of High level, so try to solve it only if your concepts is clear, at least up to the mark. These previous Year Question are available in both Objective & Conventional types, which helps a lot to those who are preparing for the Next GATE exam 2021. Most of the Solved Paper’s Answer key given at the end of PDF. 

GATE Objective Question Papers of Electrical Engineering


Gate 2023 *Wait*  ——-
2022   (SET 1) Click Here    Click Here   Click Here Click Here (with Key) / Questions(Key)
2021   (SET 1) Click Here    Click Here   Click Here Click Here (with Key) / Questions(Key)
2020   (SET 1) Click Here  ——-
2019   (SET 1)  Click Here      Click Here ——-
2018   (SET 1) Click Here     Click Here ——-
2017   (SET 1) Click Here      Click Here ——-
2016   (SET 1) Click Here     Click Here ——- 
2016   (SET 2)  Click Here ——- 
2015   (SET 1)  Click Here     Click Here  ——- 
2015   (SET 2) Click Here  ——- 
2014   (SET 1) Click Here      Click Here ——- 
2014   (SET 2)  Click Here ——- 
2014   (SET 3)   Click Here  ——- 

GATE Electrical Engineering EE Question Papers (1991-2013)

2013 Click Here     Click Here  ——- 
2012 Click Here     Click Here  ——- 
2011 Click Here     Click Here  ——- 
2010 Click Here  Click Here      Click Here 
2009 ——- Click Here      Click Here 
2008 ——- Click Here      Click Here
2007 ——-   Click Here      Click Here
2006 ——- Click Here      Click Here
2005 ——- Click Here      Click Here
2004 ——- Click Here      Click Here
2003 ——- Click Here      Click Here
2002 ——-  Click Here 
2001 ——-  Click Here 
2000 ——-  Click Here 
1999 ——- Click Here 
1998 ——- Click Here 
1997 ——- Click Here 
1996 ——- Click Here 
1995 ——- Click Here 
1994 ——-  Click Here 
1993 ——-  Click Here 
1992 ——-  Click Here 
1991 ——-  Click Here 


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