Diversity In The Living World (Class 11) Notes PDF

Diversity In The Living World or Biodiversity (Biology Class 11) Unit 1 Handwritten Color Notes PDF

diversity in living world biology class 11 notes


Physics, Chemistry, Biology are the base of Medical, and All science student Should clear all the concepts of these subjects, before entering in the Medical field.

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Goal of Diversity In The Living World Class 11 Notes
Helpful Exam:
        IB Biology, Class 11, IBO 

Targeted Exam:     Class 11 & Entrance Exams Like NEET etc…

Topics covered in Diversity In The Living World 11th Handwritten Colored Notes: –

(1) Chapter 1 – The Living World
(2) Chapter 2 – Biological Classification
(3) Chapter 3 – Kingdom Plantae
(4) Chapter 4 – Animal Kingdom

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