Daily Use Effective English Conversation Words List In Hindi

Daily Use English Words with Meaning in Hindi

daily use english words with meaning conjunctions list

Most of the English-speaking beginners try to speak English with easy sentences in daily use conversation but sometimes they stuck to recall English words (Conjunctions) or linking or connecting words to complete the sentence. So, today we are going to share daily use English words list with sentences and meaning in Hindi. If you will see the list daily and learn, you could easily start to speak English with anyone without stuck.

Daily Use English Words List With Meaning In Hindi
Words English Meaning Hindi Meaning
Agile Able to move quickly & easily फुरतीला / चुस्त / तेज
1. Experts said the Rafale jet is more agile.
2. Monkeys are very agile climbers.
Although used for introducing a statement that makes the main statement in a sentence seem surprising हालांकि / यद्यपि
Anyhow another term for anyway in a careless or haphazard way. किसी भी तरह / हर हालत में / 
Bias prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another पक्षपात / झुकाव
1. Ideal teachers judge students without a Bias.
2. A local inhabitants had a Bias against the trespasser.
3. Most news channels have a Bias towards a certain political party.
Bring Come to a place with (someone or something) ले आना / लाना
1. Come to my party and bring a friend with you.
2. My father brought home a book for me.
3. I forgot to bring money while coming coaching.
Despite / In spite of without being affected by के बावजूद
1. In spite of getting rejected many times, my friend still thinks, his crush will accept his proposal one day.
2. In spite of/Despite being ill, I am teaching you.
3. Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.
Emphasize give special importance or value to (something) / lay stress on (a word or phrase) when speaking. ज़ोर देना / महत्त्व देना / बल देना / गुरुता के साथ उच्चारण करना
Even used to emphasize something surprising or extreme यहाँ तक की
Even though used to emphasize that something is true भले ही
However / Howsoever But / then also / In any way at all / to any extent at all / But even लेकिन / फिर भी / जैसे भी / जितना भी  / लेकिन फिर भी
1. I am hungry. However, I have nothing to eat.
2. She is 45 years old. However, she looks young.
3. However she is, she is your wife.
3.1 You should solve this problem, however you can.
4. However books you purchase, but you will get knowledge only after reading them.
5. I know, you have given months to this project. However, I think it’s not worthwhile.
Indeed express irony or disbelief or surprise सचमुच / वास्तव में / निस्संदेह
Instead / Instead of as an alternative or substitute (similar to “rather than“) बजाय / के बजाय / के बदले / की जगह
1. I slept instead of watching TV.
2. I will try to make friends instead of enemies.
3. Instead, I asked a question.
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Leisure / Leisure time free time फुर्सत / ख़ाली समय
Nowhere not anywhere / no place कहीं भी नहीं
Other than this इसके अलावा / इससे अलग कुछ
Perhaps / Maybe used to express uncertainty or possibility शायद / हो सकता है / मुमकिन है
Quintessential Representing the most perfect example of a class or quality सर्वोत्कृष्ट / पंचमतत्वीय
1. He was the quintessential tough guy.
2. Ronaldo is the quintessential team player.
Rather defined as preferably or more accurately बल्कि / अधिक उचित रूप से
1. She’s got a rather nice voice.
2. She cook’s rather well.
Rather than used to chosen or preferred in two things (similar to “instead of“) के बदले / बजाय
1. I ignored her question rather than lie.
2. He decided to die rather than to beg.
3. I prefer sleeping rather than watching TV.
Somehow जैसे तैसे / किसी न किसी तरह
Some time कुछ समय
Sometimes at some unspecified or unknown time कभी कभी (पहले किसी समय में / एक समय में )
Somewhat कुछ हद तक / कुछ कुछ
Sounds good / Sounds great used it, when you feel good after listen something बढ़िया है / सुनकर अच्छा लगा 
1. ‘How about dinner and a film tonight?’ ‘Sounds great.’
2. That sounds good to me!
3. “Sounds great,” he said.
Supposed to express (Expectation / Duty / Responsibility / Purpose) in sentence चाहिए (जब वाक्य में उम्मीद की जाती है)
1. The students are supposed to study in the school.
2. I’m supposed to pay the electricity bill while going to office.
3. You are not supposed to smoke here in the park.
4. The train is supposed to arrive at 11 o’clock.
Till / Untill  – जब तक
Till now अब तक
Till then / Untill then a period of waiting  तब तक
1. That’s fine. I think I can wait till then.
2. Till then I may occupy her room.
Wind up an act of concluding or finishing something. ठप्प होना / समेटना / समापन
1. Wind up your watch every day.
2. I think it’s time to wind up this meeting.
3. We need to wind up now, we’ve only got five minutes.
4. You know you’re going to wind up in court over this.
What’s more / and what’s more used to add something surprising or interesting और तो और / साथ ही साथ
1. He is married and what’s more, he has two kids.
2. She is ill and what’s more, she does not even have money.
3. I helped him and what’s more, I gave him money also.
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Whatever / Whatsoever used to emphasize a lack of restriction / Anything at all जो भी (है/हो) / जो कुछ भी / कोई भी 
1. Whatever you have, is mine.
2. Whatever he said, is not true.
3. Give me, whatever you have.
Whenever / Whensoever Anytime at all जब भी / जब कभी भी
1. Whenever I see you, I remember my brother.
2. Whenever you come here next year, do call me.
3. Do speak in English, whenever you get an opportunity.
Whereas used for comparing two things, people, situations etc जबकि
1. He is 40 years old, whereas his wife is 25 years old.
2. You ate a lot of food, whereas I had just a sandwich.
Wherever / Wheresoever Anywhere at all जहाँ कहीं भी / जहाँ भी
1. Wherever you want to go, you can.
2. Wherever you go, you will find me there.
Whether…or Expressing a doubt or choice between two Options or Alternatives / with possibility चाहे…या / कि…या
1. Whether he goes or not, I will go.
1.1. I will know whether you tell me or not.
2. I can’t say, Whether he will play or not.
2.1. I don’t know whether I will come tomorrow or not.
2.2. we don’t know whether they lived there.
Of Whichever / Of Whichsoever of any “non-living” at all जिस किसी का भी
1. The walls of whichever buildings need repairing, please make a list and handover to me.
2. The touchscreens of whichever mobile are faulty, please get them repaired.
Whichever / Whichsoever Anyone (living/non-living) at all जो कोई भी
1. Whichever the book you like the most, you should buy that.
2. Whichever/Whoever you think is the best player, you can take him in your team.
Whoever / Whosoever Any “Living” at all / to anyone at all जो कोई भी / जिसको भी
1. Whoever finds this ball first, will bat first.
2. Your brother or whoever was there in that house that day, is culprit.
Whomever / Whomsoever to anyone at all जिसको भी
1. Whomever/Whoever you want to send with me, you can.
2. I am ready to play with, whomever/Whoever you select for this match.
Whosever / Whosesoever (Whoever’s) of any ”Living” at all जिस किसी का भी
1. Whoever’s homework is not complete, please raise your hands.
2. Whoever’s pen you have taken, return him right now.
While  Use in two conditions दौरान / जब / जिस समय 
1. Don’t do homework while watching T.V.
1.1. While watching T.V Don’t do homework.
2. Yesterday I slept while reading this book.
3. I found your phone while cleaning the room.
4. I’m supposed to pay the electricity bill while going to office.
In a while / For a while / Shortly a period of time थोड़ी देर में / थोड़ी देर के लिए 
Meanwhile In the intervening period of time इस दौरान / इतने में / इस बीच
1. Meanwhile, heat the tomatoes and oil in a pan.
2. I continued working, meanwhile, he went out shopping.
Used to done or experienced in the past / Habit in the past आदी (भूतकाल मे किसी चीज का आदि)
1. I used to eat meat, but now I’m a vegetarian.
2. I used to go to the beach every day.
3. Jerry used to be the best student in class, but now Lena is the best.
Yet until the present time / up to now अभी तक / अब तक
1. I haven’t seen that movie yet, so don’t tell me how it ends!
2. This drawing for art class is definitely my best yet.
3. The evening was ending, but the night had not yet come.

We have covered Almost all-important linking or connecting or Conjunctions words or daily use conversation English words with sentences and meaning in Hindi, If any words missing or not found in the list, kindly let us know in the comment section, Thank you!

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