Vow Meaning – A Solemn Promise

  (vao)Vow Meaning(vb.)

Vow Meaning in Hindi – (शपथ लेना / कसम खाना)

Vow Meaning in English – to make a determined decision or promise to do something /
A solemn promise

Vow Synonym- Oath, Swear, Pledge, Promise, Asseveration, Guarantee 

Vow Sentences

Ex- 1. She vows to never lend a money to anyone again.

2. From that day, he vowed never to trust her again.

3. US President vows to reduce auto tariffs.

4. He vowed to create 20 million jobs a year.

5. China is vowing not to succumb to such pressure.

6. The band vowed to perform on Saturday regardless.

7. They will reject any presidential candidate vowing to reverse their economic success.

8. She also vowed to reach her targets in reducing emissions from thermal power plants and retire nuclear power plants.

9. “I’ll do the race again next year,” she vowed.

10. John made a vow that he would find his wife’s killer.

11. He took a vow to abstain from smoking/alcohol/sex.

12. He made a silent vow to be more careful in the future.

13. She took a vow never to lend money to anyone again.

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