Scream Meaning – Say Something Loudly On A High Note


(चिल्लाना / शोर मचाना / ठहाका मारकर हँसना / सीटी बजाना / चीख़ना)

Make a long, loud, piercing cry or say something loudly on a high note, especially because of pain and strong emotions such as fear, excitement, or anger.

Synonym- Shout, Cry, Holler, Yell, Howl, Wail, scream

E.g-1. My grandmother ran down the corridor screaming, ‘No no no no!

2. It shocked her so that she screamed and fainted.

3. Neighbors said they heard an explosion and screaming.

4. She heard her daughter’s screams as she approached the house.

5. Fighter planes are screaming through the skies.

6. She was screaming, ‘How dare you say this!’

7. A guy was screaming because he was shot in the leg.

8. Thousands of teenagers screamed in excitement as the band came on stage.

9. The baby had a bad stomachache and screamed all night.

10. The woman screamed in anger at her husband, and then threw a bowl at his head.

11. She screamed as she saw huge spiders and small lizards.

12. A sudden scream pierced the silence.


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