Quarantine Meaning – To Isolate From Normal Relations or Communication

(kvaw.ruhn.teen / kwôr.ən.tēn / quar.an.tine)Quarantine Meaning(vb.)

Quarantine Meaning in Hindi – (अलग करना / पृथक करना / संगरोध करना / किनारे तक आने जाने की रोक)

Meaning in English – (a state of enforced isolation / a period of 40 days / to isolate from normal relations or communication / isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease / a person or animal kept separate from other people or animals for a set period of time, usually because they have or may have a contagious disease)

Synonyms of Quarantine:- Detention, Separation, Seclusion, Social distancing

Quarantine Meaning with Sentences

E.g-1.He was granted quarantine leave as he had a communicable disease.

2. His request for Synonyms of Lockdown:- leave was sanctioned.

3. The Diamond Princess was first quarantined in early February after a passenger who previously departed in Hong Kong tested positive for COVID-19.

4. Suspected people of coronavirus infection are fleeing from quarantine.

5. He is now in quarantine in his Brasília apartment.

6. Police officers will be responsible for enforcing the quarantine.

7. She and her husband, Pablo Iglesias, who is the deputy prime minister and leader of the Podemos Party, remain in quarantine.

8. The recommended duration of quarantine for Covid-19 based on available information is upto 14 days from the time of exposure.

9. Home quarantine is applicable to all such contacts of a suspect or confirmed case of COVID-19.

10. Russia is gradually tightening quarantine rules and readying its healthcare system for more cases.

11. Officials warned some travelers they would be quarantined all over again at home.

12. More than 1,700 doctors and nurses are in quarantine over possible exposure to the virus.

13. The health commissioner there ordered the family to quarantine at home.

14. She noted that her family is under quarantine for the next two weeks.

15. His request for quarantine leave was sanctioned.

16. To counter Covid-19 the whole country is in strict home quarantine.

17. His wife was infected too, and their village is now under quarantine.

18. The president will order a two-week mandatory quarantine for the nation.

19. Billions of People across the world self-quarantined themselves in their homes to counter Covid-19.

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