How Big Is The Universe ?

How Big Is The Universe ?

how big is the universe

The Proper observable distance of Universe from Earth to the edge of universe is 46 Billion Light-Years (14 Billion parsecs). 

Let’s Know This Universe In Increasing order.
1) Planets
There are 8 Planets in our solar system, Our Earth is one of them.

2) Solar System
Every Solar system have Many Planets which Revolves around a Star.
scientists estimate that there may be 100 billion of solar systems in our galaxy.

3) Star
Sun is also A Star, Other Stars can be larger or smaller than Sun. 
In the night we see stars, these Stars Looks Like Very tiny Because of Huge distance from earth.
Our Nearest Star is Proxima Centauri which is 4.25 Light Year away from the Earth. 

4) Galaxy 
There are about 2 Trillion Galaxies in the observable universe.
It is a Huge Collection of Gas, Dust, and Billions(200 to 400 Billions) of Stars.
Our Galaxy is a Milky Way  Galaxy, Which also has a Super massive Black Hole in the middle.

5) Cluster
One Cluster have Several Hundred Galaxies. Our Cluster name is Virgo Cluster.

(6) Super Cluster
It is a Cluster of clusters, They can have 2 to 4 clusters are common.
Recently Indian Scientists Discover Largest Super Cluster (Saraswati Super Cluster) which has 42 Cluster. Our Super cluster name is Laniakea Supercluster.

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