Concern Meaning – Something That You Think Is Important

( Concern Meaning (vb.)

Concern Meaning In Hindi – (चिंतित होना / दिलचस्पी लेना / संबंधित होना)

Meaning In English – Something that you think is important

Concern Synonyms – Anxiety, Worry, Disquiet, Interest

Concern Sentences

E.g-1. The documentary concerns the eating habits of Britain’s teenagers.

2. She refused to concern herself with such gossip.

3. To whom it may concerns

4. I’ve been concerned about you lately.

5. To be fair, this is a common concern to new parents.

6. I didn’t concerns myself with politics.

7. This study concerns the noise levels in cities.

8. Do you think those leaks reflect a concerns and panic within these agencies or departments?


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