Boast Meaning – Excessive Pride And Self-Satisfaction

(boust)Boast Meaning (vb.)

Boast Meaning In Hindi:- (आत्मप्रशंसा / डींग मारना)

Boast MeaningIn English:- An act of talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction

Boast Synonyms- Brag, Self-praise, Gasconade

Boast Sentences

E.g- 1. He was a naturally shy man, who never boasted about his achievements.

2. He’s always boasting about his sexual prowess.

3. she boasted about her many conquests.

4. His boast is that he’s the best.

5. Nobody should boasts of his learning.

6. She could boasts that she left the relations between the USA and Canada on an excellent footing.

7. He could boasts of more than 7000 dependants, and more than 45,000 cattle.


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